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with your weaponized consonants. why can't you have regular names? >> good morning, i'm bill karins and this is "way too early." we did not say those names yesterday. thank you for joining us on this friday. we have a lot of news to talk about including more evidence in favor of background checks was probably a good political decision. this comes as the nra is getting ready for a huge rally this weekend expected to draw gun enthusias enthusiasts. we'll look at both sides of the debate. also wildfires continue to burn out of control threatening homes and schools for a second day as firefighters struggle against dry conditions. we'll have a report from the region in just a few minutes. but first, let's get to our top story here in new york city. we begin with latest in the bombing investigation. officials with knowledge of dzhokhar tsarnaev's questioning before he was read his miranda rights revealed the two suspects originally planned to detonate their bombs on the 4th of july.
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after completing the bombs faster than expected, the tsarnaevs decided to move the attack to patriot's day. officials say the explosives used were made in tamerlan tsarnaev's house. last night the older tsarnaev body was moved to a funeral home at the request of his family. investigators are working to determine what role, if any, tamerlan's wife played in the attack. authorities have determined a fingerprint found on bomb frag ms do not long to katherine russell, but she's stopped cooperating feeling speculation there may be more to her story. the fbi continues to look for clues into how the brothers became radicalized. during his initial questioning, dzhokhar said he and his brother wat watched internet sermons of anwar al awlaki. he was killed by a drone strike
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in september of 2011. president obama is set to wrap up his visit to mexico this morning. the president is promoting his push to fix the immigration system, something he says will help both sides of the border. >> i'm optimistic about us getting this done because it's the right thing to do. we have seen leaders from both parties indicate that now is the time to get comprehensive immigration reform done. and part of what we discussed is the importance of getting it done precisely because we do so much business between our two countries. >> the president also addressed the political challenges back home including warnings from senator marco rubio that without significant changes to border security the immigration bill will face a tough climb in congress. >> frankly, we put enormous resources into border security. don't take my word for it.
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you had folks like senator mccain and senator graham come down to the border and see the progress that's been made. what i'm not going to do is go along with something we're looking for an excuse not to do it it as opposed to to a way to do it. >> as the cover of "the national review" senator rubio is walking a tight rope with members of his own party. but in an op-ed illegal immigrants is too generous or lenient, congress will have a chance to make it tougher yet still realistic. defeating it without offering an alternative cannot be the conservative position on immigration reform. that would leave the issue in the hands of the president. gun violence also followed the president across international lines. during that news conference yesterday, president obama actually jumped in on a question directed to his mexican counterpart to reenforce his objective to getting something
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done on capitol hill. >> last time we had major gun legislation it took six, seven, eight tries. things happen somewhat slowly in washington. but this is just the first round. >> and 2,000 miles away, kelli ayotte was being questioned about her vote on background checks. >> i really don't understand. it doesn't make sense to me. what is wrong with universal background checks? [ applause ] >> i will tell you in terms of a universal background check as it's been framed, i have a lot of concerns about that leading to a registry that will create a privacy situation for lawful firearms owners. >> those answers were down pat, she knows it's coming. while recent polling shows
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senator ayotte losing support, a pair of democrats are seeing their numbers go in the opposite direction. according to public polly polling, 52% of voters in north carolina say they are more likely to reelect kay hagan because she voted for the measure. meanwhile the nra is holding its annual meeting in houston this weekend. that's expected to draw 80,000 people. that's more than last year's event. with a shadow of the 2016 presidential race looming large, a new poll this week backs widespread speculation that at least for the moment hillary clinton is the odds on favorite to become the democratic nominee. a poll shows the former secretary of state with a commanding lead with 65% among democrats. number two, vice president joe biden. he's only trailing now by 52 points.
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the president will spend today in south carolina. the front page story calls this 2016 viability a long shot at best. meanwhile clinton's high profile appearances show no signs of slowing and a possible 2016 preview clinton and new jersey governor chris christie will headline the clinton global initiative. she tried to shove off remarks from kissinger who reminded a crowd that at least four secretary of sta secretary of states became president. last one was 1850. thanks for that. rhode island is now the tenth state where gay marriage is legal. the governor signed the bill into law yesterday. hundreds of people on hand at the state capital erupted into applause and started singing "chapel of love." delaware, illinois and minnesota are currently considering their own gay marriage laws.
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the supreme court is expected to rule on two gay marriage cases. california's proposition eight and the proposition of marriage act. that death toll in bangladesh, the factory collapse has reached 500 in the death toll and shows no signs of slowing. nine people have been arrested over the disaster including an engineer who was involved in building the building. days before the collapse he had warned that the structure was in danger of falling and failing after finding cracks in several pillars. 3.5 million people work in the country's garment industry making it the second biggest clothing exporter only behind china. the european union is expected to take action. investors are looking ahead to this morning's april jobs report hoping for more promising news following the weekly jobless claims that fell to a five-year low. the central bank cut its main
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lending rate for commercial banks to an all-time low in an attempt to avoid a deeper economic recession in the eurozone. for more on today's business headlines, let's check in with steve sedgwick. good morning to you, steve. >> the markets were on fire yesterday. it's release that the jobless claims were at a level we haven't seen since the early days of the recession. it was relief because earlier in the week we had some disappointing private sector numbers. but as you say, there was good news out of europe with rates being cut to a record eurozone low. plus some of corporate numbers were good as well. facebook rallying on the back of strong mobile revenues. so it was a collection of things. but as you say, all eyes really today on this payroll figure. disappointing last month in march. 88,000 jobs created. this time around we're loorking for a better figure.
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the mean average is somewhere around 148,000 jobs created. look at federal jobs, manufacturing jobs, and look at retail jobs as well. these are the three key areas that everyone is looking at today. >> sounds like some more good news and maybe another boost in markets. they just go up and up. steve sedgwick, have a wonderful weekend. as always, e let us know why you're awake. shoot us an e-mail or tweet me. we'll read the best responses later in the show. still ahead on "way too early," the nba playoffs are getting interesting. brooklyn nets try to force a game seven against the chicago bulls. these wildfires are burning homes and near schools in southern california. the firefighters now working around the clock to keep the flames away from the populated areas. i'll have an update on the conditions there and if there's any relief in site when "way too early" comes right pack.
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and be good for your face? [ female announcer ] now there's new neutrogena® naturals acne cleanser. acne medicine from the wintergreen leaf treats breakouts. no parabens or harsh sulfates. for naturally clear skin. [ female announcer ] neutrogena® naturals. massive wildfires are burning in some remote wilderness. they are also threatening heavily populated areas. mike thaiee bee reports it spells trouble for the long fire season ahead. >> reporter: drivers on the 101 could see the flames marching down the hillside. an rv storage yard was overrun. a cal state university campus
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was evacuated. 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts fed the fires. the message, get ready to leave or get out right now. dave and sheryl with their dog said they would hold out until the last minute before abandoning their long-time home. across the street from the flames and just barely out of the line of fire. >> we have lived in fire areas and seen lots of fires, but this ones of the scariest. >> reporter: at one point with the flames only 20 yards away, we saw two homeowners actually fighting over the hose that belonged to one of them. but they lost the fight. >> if these trees go up we're in trouble. >> reporter: you're in trouble already. the flames are right here. >> give me back my hose i could put it out again. >> reporter: we spoke with a man who lost the battle to save his home. >> i left here no sooner than i
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backed out of my driveway and got on to sunset, and i was engulfed in smoke. i pulled this off of one of shelves in the living room. a couple pictures. it's gone. i can't cry over it it. it's replaceable. lives aren't. >> reporter: these fires are treacherous when the tree coverage is extremely dry. humidity this week has hovered around 4%. and when the santa ana winds shift at high speeds. >> these are winds that blow northeast to southwest. they are very dry, very warm and very strong. >> reporter: the result demonstrated over a furious two dads where first responders battle for control of two wildfires which is a hint of a fire season that could be as deadly as any in memory. >> this is a wakeup call for
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everybody in california to be prepared. this is behavior we would see late in the fall after a full sum of drying. >> they didn't get the rain or snow this winter. it's going to be a long and dangerous fire season. let me give you an update on the weather conditions. yesterday it was about 88. it was 97 with a dew point of negative 4. that's as bone dry as you can get. no moisture in the air. and the forecast for today, another day and gets about 95 and sunny. a little more cloudy towards sunday, monday and tuesday. maybe a chance of drizzle. the most dangerous fire day is going to be today there in l.a. as far as the other story, this white on the map, it's snowing on may 3rd in arkansas. still. these are pictures that came out of minnesota, iowa and missouri yesterday. we had measurable snow yesterday in kansas city, omaha, des moines, minneapolis, rochester, minnesota. it wasn't just snow. it was heavy snow. it it continues this morning
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with winter weather advisories through this region. if you're driving near springfield, missouri, you have snow and 33 degrees. interstate 70, you're dealing with snow. it's still snowing in rochester. the forecast through the weekend, all of this storm is not going to snow anymore, but it's going to be rainy and cold. down through nashville, and mississippi and that travels to the southeast. that's by far the worst of the weather conditions. now to sports. last night in the nba playoffs, golden state with another chance to knock off the nuggets. score tied at 44. the warriors rising star steph curry. he's the leading three-point shooter in the nba for a reason. he nails three in a row. the quick release, he's accurate. and this was very -- scoop a doop. he also gets triple teamed at
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one point here. they win, denver's season is done. they were the dark horse in the western conference. now up next for the golden state, tony parker and the spurs. the nets, my brooklyn nets also on the brink. in chicago for game six. this is a bulls team that's missing three of their key players to injuries. they are as depleted as you get. do you think darrin williams, brook lopez and johnson would all play well? they each scored 17 a piece. still a chance to tie at the end. didn't fall for the bulls. it's amazing the bulls are even playing this well. not much of a line up at all. so the brooklyn nets win and go on to play a game on saturday, game seven against bulls. now stanley cup playoff action. the redd wi wings blew a lead ie third period. a game-tying goal to push it into overtime. can the ducks complete the
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comeback? the red wings win 5-4 in overtime. that series is tied 1-1. scary moment in the montreal matchup. he goes down. eler drops to the ice, not moving. he has to be carted off on a stretcher. he suffered a concussion and facial fractures. senators win 4-2. the capitals beat the rangers in game one of their series last night. to baseball, haven't had kwun one of these updates in awhile. alex rodriguez has been cleared to return to baseball. the yankees general manager says he expects rodriguez to report to tampa, florida, on monday. a-rod could be on the field for
2:50 am
the yankees just after the all-star break. and boston's clay buchholz got his sixth win against the blue jays. not without some controversy. the current broadcaster has accused the pitcher of throwing a spitball. he says buchholz kept rubbing his pitching hand, possibly loading up the ball. they have disputed the accusation. you don't usually go there unless you have proof. and finally they call it the most exciting two minutes in sports. thousands will be at the kentucky derby this weekend. the top horses for this year's derby. orr followed by marazano and golden sint. if you want the trifecta, don't
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bet it it, but i will. coverage begins on saturday at 11:00 a.m. on nbc sports and continues on nbc at 4:00 p.m. coming up at the top of the hour, president obama makes his pitch for immigration reform during his visit to mexico. will his push resinate with lawmakers in washington? the crew weighs in. we'll huddle around the water cooler where the artist formerly known as snoop dog has words for members of congress. what he had to say when "way too early" comes right back. kate and i have been married for 15 years. that's 3 moves, 5 jobs, 2 newborns. it's no wonder i'm getting gray. but kate -- still looks like...kate. with nice'n easy, all they see is you -- in one simple step, nice'n easy with colorblend technology, gives expert highlights and lowlights. for color that's perfectly true to you. i don't know all her secrets,
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enough of what we call the real news on this it friday. let's find out which rapper has beef with congress. snoop lion, yes that's what he's calling himself now, better known as snoop dogg is speak out about how the newtown tragedy affected his thoughts on gun control. he teamed up with rapper drake in a song about gun violence called "no guns allowed." now snoop is talking to politico about his frustration with congress. he told the website, quote, i'm very disappointed. it's too easy to get a gun and there needs to be more restrictions.
2:55 am
i think obama is doing what he can, but it can't just be him. congress and everybody has to work together to solve the problem." i can see it now. politico roundtable. i'd watch. one of the hardest things for a military family is the long periods of separation from loved ones. this is your friday feel-good story. miguel almaguer shows us how they are bring some families a little closer together. >> reporter: somewhere in the pacific the u.s.s. john is on the move. but on this final leg home, the mission has taken on new meaning. >> it means a lot because i get to see my dad again. >> it's called the tiger cruise. for six days and five nights more than 1100 family members and friends join the crew returning from the persian gulf. >> it's a great experience to have them here. >> reporter: tigers live alongside their loved ones
2:56 am
experiencing their life and duties at sea. >> this is the ultimate take your kid to workday. >> reporter:. this lieutenant is the ship's gunner. he invited his cousin michael, 9-year-old daughter samantha and 11-year-old son michael jr. it's their first chance to see what dad does. >> it's awesome just staying here. he gets to work here. he gets paid to do this stuff. >> reporter: for the lieutenant it's the quality time with his children he's been missing. >> i took a cot on the ground. putting them to bed at night, i haven't gotten to do that in eight months. >> reporter: there's no spouses but grandparents are welcome. >> grand dad is a world war ii vet. it's really awesome to have him on board the ship. >> it's fabulous. it it makes me want to reenlist in the service.
2:57 am
>> he's going to break the sound barrier. >> they feel the ship, they feel the life of the ship, they feel the roar of the jets. >> awesome! >> told you it was warm and fuzzy. still ahead on "way too early," why are you awake? your tweets and texts are next. [ female announcer ] girls don't talk about pads, but they do talk about always infinity. [ woman ] i feel like i'm barely wearing anything! [ female announcer ] the only pad made from a revolutionary material. it absorbs up to 55% more. [ woman ] amazing. [ female announcer ] it's incredible protection, you'll barely feel it. always infinity. tell us what you think. ♪ now you can give yourself a kick in the rear! v8 v-fusion plus energy. natural energy from green tea plus fruits and veggies. need a little kick? ooh! could've had a v8. in the juice aisle.
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the top of the show we asked you why are you awake? >> rick in seattle up to get an early start to celebrate willwi birthday. >> maybe he saw what happened on mika's birthday and maybe why he didn't show up. yeah, that on our poor louis. thanks, heilemann! louis was a go sport with that. good thing they are not doing cake today because i probably would be next because of the pecking order. "morning joe" starts right now.

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